Why Xero?

Xero has spent a lot of time and effort (and funds) developing a comprehensive accounting system designed by kiwis, for kiwis. Xero puts the power in your hands and makes accounts time a breeze. It enables you to review your finances in a simple, smart and secure manner so you know where you stand. You don’t have to wait for year end accounts – you’ll have a day to day record of how your business is tracking and you’ll be able to see any issues and fix them before they become big issues. Xero puts you in a position whereby you can make critical business decisions at a moment’s notice, because you’ll know exactly what your financial position is.

Xero are constantly developing their systems to stay up to date with the latest in financial law and providing clear reports, so you can analyse how your business is tracking and then plan based on that information. Xero also has the ability to track, enter and manage your records from anywhere as they have a robust cloud-based system and a very user-friendly mobile app making accounts on the go a breeze.

Xero is a leader in their field, redefining how businesses handle their accounts and making it easier than ever. If you want to redefine your business – contact us now to see how SmartDesk and Xero can improve your accounts process.


Let us take care of your accounts allowing you to focus on getting the job done right