We’re very proud of the practical and effective solutions we’ve brought to our clients – and even more proud of how our clients have used those solutions to make the most of Xero for their continued business success. If you’re wanting to feel like some of our clients below – get in touch with the SmartDesk team today!

"A year back, I bartered with a new bookkeeper to trade services. The new bookkeeper coded my expenses in my new Xero account. Not knowing New Zealand IRD procedures and how coding works I thought everything was relatively ok. I had a great feeling about Liz Zellman and had her expert eyes have a quick look at my account. It turns out that the coding was incorrect and simply not anything we can work on within accuracy. Liz quickly reassessed and came with a plan to re-organize my Xero account. Liz created a new organization platform that made IRD sense. Even if I was a Kiwi, how would I know what is accurate for tax codes? It pays well to have SmartDesk on your side. Thanks, Liz! #bestinvestmentever :)"
Francesca Alexander
Social Global Grind
"Liz Zellman of SmartDesk Ltd provides a great support service working to whatever level of book keeping you require, suggesting system improvements to remove unnecessary steps and increasing productivity. Her knowledge of Xero accounting software is very thorough; her training style is easy to understand and is delivered in a calm, friendly and patient manner. Thank you for your support Liz, I highly recommend you."
Lisa Jensen
Jensen Design Graphics Ltd
"I have just had excellent service so want to let people know - Liz from SmartDesk has set me up with Xero accounting. It was a bit tricky what I wanted but she sorted it. So if you are a small business and want to simplify your accounts give her a call."
Clare Robinson
Te Atatu Toasted
"I can’t recommend SmartDesk highly enough. Their review of our systems allowed them to set up Xero fast and efficiently with minimal input from us. Their continued communication allowed the changeover to run smoothly and without a hitch. Invoicing is a dream and the reporting functions within Xero makes creating reports easy and fun. SmartDesk worked brilliantly alongside our business and their knowledge and expertise in the product were exemplary. I would highly recommend Liz and her SmartDesk team to anyone contemplating an upgrade to Xero."
Sue Hardy
Madison Hardy