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Whether you’re an independent contractor or running a business in your field, accounts can pose major problems to how your company operates. It’s important to make sure your records are accurate and clear – especially when it comes to tax time.

  • It’s often very time consuming for plumbers to allocate their expenses on tapware, pipes and fittings.
  • Builders need to be on site making sure the timber delivery is correct, not sitting in the office balancing spreadsheets.
  • Sparkies spend enough time in the walls, so don’t need unpaid invoices driving them up the wall.

Every trade has their own unique issues with accounts – so why not talk to the experts?

If you have someone who can look after your accounts while you get your job done – an administrator or helpful partner – then we also offer Xero training. With this, you’ll get one on one custom training provided to your chosen Tradie ‘sidekick’ to ensure they’re as skilled as possible.

If finding a ‘sidekick’ to manage your accounts just adds to your pile of work, then fear not – we also offer Bookkeeping services. With a SmartDesk Xero Bookkeeper we manage your accounts while you carry on with your trade work. This is our ongoing support option for clients who love their job but keep getting stuck with the accounts side of things.

Our business is helping clients, so there’s nothing that we deem as ‘too minor’ or ‘too major’ – whatever you need to get your accounts running smoothly, SmartDesk can offer it. To make things easier for you, once we assess what you need, we can work remotely or come into your business and work alongside you.